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Studio B Nails & Co.

Mableton, GA 30126


beauty industry

Nail technician

United States Air Force veteran and salon owner Bridgette “B” Campbell is an Atlanta native with 20 plus years experience in the nail industry. Solidifying the spot as one of the most sought after nail pro’s in the city, she has managed to build a loyal client base of college students, business professionals and celebrities. Even with a continued legacy to be built, Bridgette has managed to carve an industry niche for herself and her nail boutique, as the “Home of the NO POLISH ZONE”. 

Self-Employed Nail Tech Looking For Growth

in need of clients

Lead Generation

As a more mature nail tech, this client needed great mentorship and marketing to keep up with the younger generation.

wants to expand


With 20 years of experience in her profession, she wanted to expand far beyond social media. This meant more focus on brick & mortar promotion.

dreams of nail shop estate


When we were first introduced to her brand, she was traveling from shop to shop in hopes of increasing clientele. Eventually, she began working from home and let us monitor all of her social sites. This client now owns a storefront right outside of Atlanta, GA with many more franchise installments in the making.

the challenge:

Small clientele, seeking expansion

The owner of Studio B Nails & Co. previously traveled from salon to salon in hopes of increasing her clientele. This method possibly could have worked for her many years ago (back in the 90s) but this generation tends to think and respond differently.

Unhappy with the results, she decided it was time for a change. Akamai Global knew the solution was to create a social experience through the popular online platform, Instagram. This consistent organic growth would lead to an overflow of traffic.

the solution:

Local SEO campaign, Social media, PR & Web Design

The Akamai Global team created an overflow of traffic off of the strength of the brand, history of the owner and the personality of the nail technician. Her nail art has always been one of a kind. We highly focused on this while maintaining public relations efforts that have landed her in the spotlight.

Akamai Global has helped this brand open their first store front, build an organic following on social sites, populate first on Google and bring in clientele for the months to come. Yes, her schedule is booked for the coming months already!

Customers can now find this brand much easier in local searches and more often on the explore page of their favorite social sites.


A Word From The Owner

“Akamai has helped me find my love for the art again. The process of growing drifted by so fast I hadn't realized I reached 6 figures from nail art. We now have so many different paths to explore!”


B. Campbell

studio b nails & co.

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