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Ed Hayes

New York City, New York


public relations

Brand Consultant

Ed Hayes came to us with a uniques story in hopes of achieving social success online. He’d already built up a small contact list with a few industry professionals yet needed the social backing to land the jobs he wanted as a branding agent. 

At first he thought it would be impossible to work with us due to the circumstances of us offering marketing services until he noticed the amount of growth we have provided for both him and his clients.

Branding Consultant in Need of Leads

in need of clients

Lead Generation

Coming out the gate, Mr. Hayes understood the value of clientele relies in their reach as well

in need of a real following


He had recently purchased followers instead of running a true follower campaign which led to him losing thousands of dollars. All of the bots were blocked by Instagram. We needed to help him build his credibility quickly.

online only


He thought being online-based would be an issue but we have efforts already in place to show him that it is no problem at all.

the challenge:

Needs real followers to help boost leads

Purchasing followers is frowned upon in many industries for different reasons. One being, they will all be immediately blocked by the corresponding social platform as algorithms update.

Ed was one that gave it a try hoping it would boost his leads. Days later, he soon realized he wasted money. To quickly combat this issue, we needed to run a massive growth campaign within the next coming hours so that he wouldn’t lose credibility.

the solution:

4 Weeks of Instagram focused Promotion

Being that Ed is online based, only, we have to maneuver around the usual SEO tactics. He is working without a website so building trust can only be done through his resume.

Mr. Hayes has an exceptional client base so this solution was the smartest of them all. Within 2 weeks he had already jumped 2000 followers with 27% of those people becoming one of his clients.


A Word From The Owner

“I can admit I was a bit oblivious to the idea of purchasing followers, simply because I didn't know any better. When I came across Akamai Global they didn't shame me, they only helped quickly. For that, I am thankful!”


E. Hayes

ONline branding consultant

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