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Results are our strong suit which is why we don’t mind sharing. Follow along the years to see all we have accomplished thus far.

Please note: some information may not be shared according to non-Disclosure agreements

Our team prides itself on being the industry’s leading provider for growth and branding services. 

With that being said, we do abide by our individual agreements that we have with each brand that we associate with. These agreements are given upon request.


Major introduction

It wasn’t easy becoming who we are today. As with any brand, there were many trials and tribulations that lead to a fast paced learning experience. During these years, we gained some of our highest profiled clientele with attachments to Universal Music, Facebook and more.


spotify golden

This was a great year for us and our brands on Spotify. We were able to organically push our artists to high numbers which lead to a heavy increase of revenue. Spotify became one of the most streamed platforms.


Year of the charts

Top 200 was our specialty. A few of our clients hit Top 5 which isn’t as easy as one would think. It takes more than a good song to make an impact. The team behind you matters.

We are so happy that we could play a major role in some of the world’s favorite artist careers.


Global outlook

We have opened our doors to smaller brands to expand our impact. Some of our services are still exclusive to top tier clients but many of them may be accessed by any brand in need of branding assistance.

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